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Antonio Caro

Antonio Caro was born in Bogota in 1950. He has been acknowledged as one of the most important conceptual artists in the contemporary era in Colombia. He studied art at the National University of Colombia. While finishing his studies, he became famous when winning in 1971 the National Salon of Colombian Artists. His artworks have been exhibited in different galleries and museums in Latin America, Europe, and North America.

His works of art had been marked by a strong political and social reflection on Colombian reality. Some of the topics depicted in her artwork are the city, the indigenous communities, and the Violence, among others. These subjects are approached from an ironic and comical perspective that produces a strong sentiment of social criticism. These reflections also affect the material of several of his paintings, sculptures, and interventions. He prefers to work with ephemeral and no traditional materials. Thanks to these characteristics, Caro can modify popular icons and symbols in a new aesthetic language that allows them to be part of popular Colombian culture.


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